Backup Power Solutions




  • The ethernet displays afford a clearly status- and measurement display of one or several UPS.
  • RCCMD compatible and scriptable - so every RCCMD V2 sender, e.g. UPSMAN software, CS121, RCCMD licensed devices or any kind of computers, who are running a RCCMD software, is able to send messages to the LED. Using the RCCMD syntax, you are able to activate/deactivate the alarm buzzer.
  • Every display unit is able to save datas up to 10 UPS and to display them cyclical consecutively.
  • The installation location of the LED is individually selectable. If the installation is directly in a data center, a transparent display of the datas of inaccessible UPS is everytime possible.
  • The users words are free configurable. Individually texts like standardized messages (preset of CS121), can be displayed.
  • The selection of the measurement values is determined by the user. Available informations: Voltage, frequenzy, battery voltage, capacity and autonomy time. Datas of voltage, frequenzy and load will be delivered for the UPS output. The variables from the UPSMAN, CS121 UPSTCP can be send to the LED. Because of the scriptability, datas of other devices can also be displayed.
  • The control occurs directly from the CS121 of the UPS or rather from the SITEMANAGER II, SITEMONITOR II, BACS or every other RCCMD sender, who supports the RCCMD V2 or higher. An optional audible alarm buzzer (SM_BUZ) is also available and supports the attention of the shown messages.
  • Adjustable refreshrate, the selection of 25 different fonts, static or flashing messages and 7 alarms are predefined for the use of the CS121.

Technical data


LED2_40, LED2_130




RJ45 Ethernet, AUX RJ11 for audible alarm buzzer SM_BUZ,
Connector for CON_R_AUX relay terminals


External power supply I/P: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0,55A - O/P: DC 5V/2-4A


LED2_40: 15.75x4.33x1.97 inches, LED2_130: 51.18x4.33x1.97 inches