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Mobile Remote Monitoring and Administration Of UPS and other Devices


The RASMAN_A (Remote Access Server) is a CS121 USV/WEB Manager with integrated modem. The RASMAN_G is a GSM router, which is aligned to the CS121. Both devices are the optimal fitting for the remote monitoring of power generating or rather power managing systems, which got no network connection on site or require a network connection via telephone. Especially at conditions, which require remote maintenance or rather remote support, it makes sense to get access to the end-device without using the parallel existing network of the customer. Operators of networks and datacenters are able to administrate the UPS devices and other network components via LAN connection to the RASMANAGER. At the same time external personnel is able to supervise the UPS devices without an impact of each other.

In general the special features of the RASMANAGER are the individually opportunities of the configuration, which can be adjusted to the requirements of the operator. The client-, server- and call-back modes are on hand. In addition at GSM the activation via SMS (using a prepaid SIM card to save expenses for a flatrate).

The RASMAN-A consists out of 2 devices, the CS121 UPS/WEB MANAGER and an internal analog modem, which is connected at the COM2 port. Therefore the RASMAN-A provides the following

functions additionally to the CS121 (see CS121 datasheet):

PPP Server: The remote operator is able to establish a connection from his workstation to the RASMANAGER via modem, to retrieve all data and information (e. g. log files).

PPP Client: The RASMANAGER establishes a modem connection to a remote workstation or the internet by itself and executes RCCMD commands or rather emails for alarm notifications or other actions. The RASMAN_G is not a combination of CS121 and modem, but the connecting component, the modem itself in GSM design with router function. The RASMAN_G requires always a CS121, SITEMANAGER, SITEMONITOR, LED MATRIX, BACS WEBMANAGER or any other GENEREX device, which should keep its data „wireless“ available. That means, that the RASMAN_G is required for the proper management device. Please note, that this device has to offer a COM2 port (therefore you can not connect CS121 BUDGET devices, the RASMAN_G can be used with CS121 L, SC, F, R_II, MINI, SITEMANAGER, SITEMONITOR, LED_MATRIX, BACS WEBMANAGER or any other GENEREX device with a COM2 port).


  • Remote monitoring of UPS and other devices via modem or rather GSM. The RASMANAGER is the optimal fitting for the central remote monitoring of UPS devices or any other important devices. Operators of networks and datacenters are able to administrate the UPS devices and other network components via LAN connection to the RASMANAGER at the same time.
  • A remote access to the customer´s network via RASMANAGER is disabled, so that no connection to the customer´s network can be established via RASMANAGER.
  • You can acquire the monitoring software UNMS II, which enables a clearly arranged and certain administration of hundreds of UPS devices (optional).
  • Plug-in installation of other GENEREX products: SITESWITCH 4, SITEMANAGER, LED MATRIX, etc.. All GENEREX products can be connected to the RASMAN_G. Please note for the RASMAN_A, that you can connect supported devices (UPS, transfer switches etc.) only.
  • Possible integration into different SNMP management systems, which are supporting the RFC1628CS121 MIB (extended SNMP MIB), like HP Openview, Castlerock, Tivoli, Unicenter and the Windows/Java clients UPSMON, USW and UNMS II.
  • Automatic time synchronization via LAN or modem.
  • Additional security mechanism: Authentification- and encryption modules plus dial-back for SSL browsers and SSH sessions.
  • Mobile remote monitoring via SMS and web-interface. Cost-effective via occasionally activation of the GSM connection (call-by-call). Available control modes: Client-, server- and CallBack mode, at GSM SMS-Operating State.
  • RASMAN_A is an analog modem system, compatible with UNMS II Teleservice for Windows OS and ras-capable OS (Windows Server 2003, 2008, XP, W7) with PPP-Server. The UNMS II as receiving and monitoring station is not included and has to be ordered separately.
  • RASMAN_G is a GSM modem based system, which requires a SIM card with accordant contract of a GSM provider. RASMAN_G can be used without the UNMS II, if you want to use the SMS forwarding and a web-browser for the access. We recommend to use the UNMS II, if you want to use several RASMAN_GSM.
  • Clearly arranged and simple handling for the operator via UNMS II interface (optional).
  • Immediate forwarding of ocurring critical states via email, SMS, network messages and audible signals about the monitoring workstation or rather SMS via GSM.
  • Optional available UNMS II Network Management Software with grafical display of the facility overview or a map.
  • RASMAN_G contains no SIM card or a GSM provider contract. This has to be ordered separately.
  • 2 year warranty, including firmware updates and support for end customers.
  • CE, EMC, FCC class A certifications.



Power supply

9-30V DC, 350 mA

10-30V DC

Size, weight

126x126 mm, 310 g

30 x 90 x 120mm, 320 g


10/ 100Mbit Base-T auto sense

10/ 100Mbit Base-T auto sense

RS-232 interface

2 (COM 1 and COM 3)

2 (COM 1 and COM 3)

AUX port



Status LED’s

Status/ power: green, boot/error: red,
modem connection: yellow

Status/ power: green, boot/error: red,
modem connection: yellow

User manual

German, english

German, english


RFC 1628

RFC 1628

Operating temperature

0 - 40 °C

20° - 55°C


10-80%, not condensated

10-80%, not condensated




Functional Overview RASMAN_A

Functional Overview RASMAN_G