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Monitoring and Remote Control Rack

  • 19" Remote Control Rack for the facility management and the industrial array
  • Co-administration of more than thousand UPS devices


The SITEMONITOR II is a monitoring unit for the professional use. The 19“ rack unit can be used for monitoring both electronic equipment and rooms and is equally well suited for industrial monitoring purposes.

The SITEMONITOR II provides 64 digital inputs for various electrical contact indicators like smoke alarms, motion detectors, door intrusion detectors and alarm switches, etc..

Using its simple plug ´n play connections for different sensors, a quick and safe installation is guaranteed. The electrical connections are located at the rear side of the device (terminal strips).

The complete configuration of the SITEMONITOR II can be realized via web-browser.

Additional markers afford the programming of alarms, which are composed out of several inputs.

The states of the inputs are displayed via illuminating diodes at the front side.

The measured values can be visualized using a web-browser or rather the optional UNMS II Network Management Software. The support of the default SNMP protocol is warranted too.

More interesting functions are available via the LAN connection. The SITEMONITOR II provides emailing and network messaging.

In addition to the LAN connection, the SITEMONITOR II got an RS-232 interface for the connection to serial devices like an UPS.

The SITEMONITOR II provides the RS232 protocol support for more than thousand UPS devices and thus, the SITEMONITOR II is the unique device worldwide, which is able to analyze almost every UPS protocol with all their state and measurement values.


With 14 connected indicators

Alarms will be displayed via red diodes at the front panel


  • The SITEMONITOR II supports the native RS232 UPS protocols of more than thousand UPS devices!
  • The SITEMONITOR II is able to co-administrate almost every UPS device, including all of their state and measurement values.
  • Thus the SITEMONITOR II is the unique monitoring device worldwide!

Furthermore it is possible to monitor or rather shutdown servers with the additional RCCMD client software. An integrated SMTP client is able to send alarms via email or rather SMS.

All described possibilities of the alarm forwarding can be individually configured for every occuring event.

The remote control rack possesses an own logging system (non-volatile memory). Every single alarm will be logged with date and time.

The analog measuremet values of the connected UPS or of the optional SENSORMANAGER will be logged and displayed via web-browser. The optional UNMS II Network Management Software provides a longtime logging of the data.

If an access to the SITEMONITOR II via telephone network is desired, you can optional use an analog modem.

SITEMONITOR II website with UPS data

GCHART display of the measurement values

Technical Data

  • 64 digital inputs (opened / closed configurable)
  • 8 outputs (open collector, 24V, 100mA)
  • 10/ 100Mbit LAN
  • Timer for scheduled output control, start-up settings for every output (on(off)
  • Supported protocols: E-Mail, Telnet, HTTP, SNMP, SNTP, RFC868, Modbus Over IP, UPSTCP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, TELNET
  • RS-232 interface for other devices
  • Remote configuration via webbrowser or UNMS II (optional)
  • LED alarm display, LED operating status display
  • Battery braced real-time clock with time server synchronization
  • Integrated email client
  • Non-volatile memory for alarms


  • UNMS II Network Management Software
  • Smoke/fire alarms, motion detectors, door contacts etc.,connection of any other alarm contact indicator
  • Connection of CON-IO terminals for the simple switching of the outlets
  • Analog modem for the remote control and integration into the RASCONTROL system (only, if COM1 is not in use)